Wednesday, March 23, 2016

OOohhh Yeah! I rocked it.

I've been scarce on here as far as postings go since I've been incredibly busy with my writing from research class. It was for good reason though. The final research paper was turned in on Saturday evening, one day ahead of when it was due. This morning I checked my email and found that it had been graded. Shakily, I clicked through to the school's website. Ninety-two percent!!! 92%!! Yeah baby!! 

The relief I feel is immense. The school gave me a chance to prove that I could do well, and boy did I ever prove it. This was a retake, that is, I took this same course 10 years ago and essentially failed it with a 1.0 out of 4.0. So, like a D or F. Horrible. Absolutely horrible. This time I went into it a much wiser woman, older and better prepared. 

I'm incredibly excited about the rest of my education. I feel like I've been collecting the energy slowly over 10 years, working on myself and bettering myself so that when I did start this journey, I was ready to take full advantage of the opportunity. So, I go into the Spring 2016 feeling very good and very happy. 

Ryan and I in the Gemini Space Capsule at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle for my 37th birthday weekend of fun!

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