Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Stuff is Happening!

Things are finally starting to pick up and fall into place. The injection helped my right leg weakness considerably, but not my pain. I'm okay with that. It is positive progress! I've already had a follow-up visit and scheduled injections to my sacroiliac joint this time to try and help the pain there. I'm not super hopeful that this will help my pain. It didn't years ago BUT it is part of the process to get nerve ablation (burning the nerves).

I've also been gathering the medical records that have been requested. It is such a tedious process but very necessary. I also put all the records I have and notes I've made into a single folder I will bring with me to appointments.

Unemployment got approved! I probably won't need it for long and it isn't a whole lot, but every bit helps. We are so broke since a couple of sources of income failed... We are going to food banks and other places for free food to supplement the groceries we buy. I'm very grateful to have resources around us to help.

I'm going out! Making new friends! So weird for me... I need it though. I can't spend all my time moping at home. My back hurts. I have dietary restrictions, but I'm still going to go out and have a good time.

We did the Sultan Shindig again this year! This is the third year in a row now! The kids went on rides, Jim watched the rides and we went to the live music and fireworks show. It was a lot of fun for everybody!

It was a ton of fun and we plan to go again next year!

Monday, July 20, 2015


Right before my injection a couple weeks ago my leg got way worse. So bad that I couldn't walk. I went to the pain center to talk to them about my right leg being really bad and that my medicine was not working to the extent I felt it should be. That was a mistake. I got to see the nurse practitioner that had made me cry at my first visit. He was still abrasive and extremely rude.

He asked why I was there. I told him because my pain was really bad and that I needed something else to help with it at least until my scheduled injection that coming Tuesday. He starts interrogating me: "Did you get your MRI done?", "Why did you have this drug in your system in May?", "Why did you get this prescription?", "You know you're getting an aberrancy for all of this."

Wait. What now? Aberrancy?

"Behavior that is outside the norm", he barks back at me.

Oh. My abdominal pain flare up in May that I went to the ER, my primary and a GI specialist for. I had NO IDEA I was supposed to have all my records sent to them if it involved me receiving narcotic pain medication. I had even called them in May when I was getting one of the prescriptions to ask if I needed to come to them or not. The person I spoke with told me that since it was not related to the chronic condition they were seeing me for that I didn't need to involved the pain clinic.

Now that I know this, I will request that copies be sent to them if I ever have to see a doctor for pain. It's not like I'm trying to lie or do anything wrong. At the ER visits I told the nurses & doctors that I was on pain medication long-term for back pain. If you are expecting good medical care, you have to be totally honest and I always am.

I told the physician's assistant that his bedside manner was terrible and that I wanted to make a complaint about him. He stands in the hallway in front of several people and says, "Oh! Yeah! Go to the front desk and complain about me!!"

I was so shocked. I just stood there with my mouth agape and looked over at one of the nurses and he just tried not to make any expression but I could kind of tell that they were embarrassed for this dude.

At the front desk I asked the receptionist to make a note on my file that I never wanted to be scheduled with him again and ensured that my next appointment was NOT with him. Then I went home and started calling to gather all of the medical records for my most recent issue. Again, I will prove this nurse practitioner wrong on his assumptions about me and show them that I am really just a sick person trying to get help. I'm so over being treated like a piece of shit because I have chronic pain and want relief.



At least my abdominal pain was figured out and all of the symptoms are managed quite easily with an increase in one of my medications. Yay! I'll take whatever positive progress I can get at this point.