Monday, June 29, 2015

MRI Results

Things finally seem to be moving along. After waiting the 60 days required by insurance following a denial, my lumbar MRI was finally approved! I got it done and the findings are not much different than back in 2008. Bulging L5-S1 to the right side. My right leg is getting progressively weaker and it is because my disc is pushing on the nerves. Recently the pain, pins & needles and weakness have so terrible. 

This is not my MRI, but this is exactly what mine looks like. My L5-S1 is dark and pushing on my spinal cord.

My doctor wants to first do an injection with steroids at the L5-S1 to relieve the swelling. If that doesn't help then we will start moving on towards nerve ablation for the nerves going to my right SI joint. We both agreed that surgery (fusing the joint) needs to be considered absolutely last.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Baby Steps

Earlier this week I got to see a specialist that knows a lot about the chronic condition I was diagnosed with years ago. I should be getting some tests redone to check how I'm doing and also pinpoint where the upper abdominal pain is coming from. He had a couple ideas and had me increase one of my medications that I take to reduce nerve pain. Four days later and it seems to be helping a ton! Finally something works for me.

I also found out this week my insurance FINALLY approved the MRI for my back. Hallelujah! I'm so relieved that I'm moving forward at least a little. 

Hiking with Ryan! Hopefully we get to lots of this.

Now for some not so great news. I got let go from my job! I called in sick a couple Saturdays ago and got an email a couple hours later from my boss letting me know they would be taking over my duties and mailing my final check. I got fired by email. I don't see how me calling in was terrible considering I hadn't even called in yet this entire year, so nearly 6 months without missing a shift. He said it was because of lack of business. Oh. Oh, that's why? Not because the other women there didn't like me? I tried so hard to talk to the other housekeepers but it didn't matter. They had some perception of me that I couldn't change.

I know I worked my butt off and deserved more than being let go through email. Oh well. I really didn't plan on working there any longer than through the end of this year since I was starting school. It was an easy, easy job and I got paid for sleeping. I doubt I'll find a job anytime soon, so in July I'm applying for unemployment. SO, the girls at the motel essentially gave me a paid summer vacation. Thank you!! ;D

There will be lots of weekends involving our fire pit! Yay!

This last weekend we inherited a lot of furniture from Ryan's grandmother! I love it all so much. I think Jim likes it too!