Monday, April 27, 2015

A New Normal?

First, I want to share a movie and album of images I made of my little boy that just turned 2! My children are all very important to me, but my youngest holds a special place in my heart. He is my rainbow baby. He brought hope back into my life and is such a special little man.

Now, a sort of update...

It has been nearly a month since my last update. There hasn't been a whole lot happening. I did get an approval for physical therapy (six visits only) but suspended it after 2 visits because I was in too much pain to do the exercises. I saw the orthopedic specialist and he said that the insurance wanted me to complete at least 6 weeks of physical therapy and still have pain before they would approve an MRI.

This is ridiculous. Not only am I in pain my leg is weak. Very weak. I cannot lift my toe up and my reflexes are off on that side. I need some imaging so they can see what is going on and get me some injections and then possibly surgery.

I have not declined any treatment since September of 2013 since I started seeing a doctor for this pain again. Insurance has denied treatment and so my condition and quality of life has been slowly deteriorating.

I missed a counseling appointment last week because I was too depressed to go. I feel worse after talking to my therapist because she just doesn't seem to be connecting with me and hearing what I'm saying. I can't go see the therapist that helped me before because he isn't covered by my insurance and I can't afford $150 per visit.

So, I'm waiting again. My orthopedic doctor replied to insurance that I was unable to complete physical therapy due to pain. I really hope it is enough. I can't believe this is dragging out like this.