Friday, January 31, 2014

My first post!

So there are a lot of blogs out there. A LOT. I know this. I'm not going to pretend to think I will become famous or even have any readers. I'm going to write this for me. It will be cathartic. If anyone wants to come along for the ride, they are more than welcome!

I have four kids at age 34. Well, I'll be 35 in about a month... No more being able to say, "Oh, I'm in my early thirties." Nope. MID. I don't feel like what I think a 35 year old should feel like. When I was in my 20's I thought I would feel different somehow but I don't. I'm me, just an older, not giving as many fucks, version of myself.

I'm not going to mention the past at all. I have a past, everyone does. Its not relevant to today, though. I want to keep moving FORWARD with my life. So I will not dwell on the past in this blog! I will not! (I think that's more convincing myself than anything...)

I'm engaged to a guy 6 1/2 years younger than myself. He is a wonderful man in all ways. I am so lucky to have met him. I'm still freaking married to my ex, so we can't get married until I get off my butt and get divorced. I just procrastinate like CRAZY. I really gotta stop doing that.

I guess the most interesting part of my life at the moment is that my 16yo daughter is pregnant. She is 23 weeks right now and plans on keeping the baby. She lives with me and everyone else, which means 7 people in a 2 bedroom house, soon to be 8!

So keep an eye on this blog for updates on that and other happenings in my nutty life.